Scenic Overlooks

With modest elevations and accessible viewpoints, the scenic overlooks of Lookout Mountain and Pigeon Mountain provide visitors with days of views across the valleys and distant mountains.


Sunset Rock

Located on the tip of the Tennessee end of Lookout Mountain is Sunset Rock. Set within an upscale residential neighborhood, Sunset Rock is home to one of the more picturesque views on the northern end of the mountain. A short hike down a rocky path will lead you to the overlook. From there you can continue exploring the trail system along the western edge of the mountain and into the valley.

Hang Gliding Overlook

Breathtaking views of the lush ridges and valleys of North Georgia are easily accessed via car directly off Scenic Highway at this impressive drop-off. Sit and enjoy the views across the valley as hang gliders soar noiselessly above you. For the more adventurous sightseer, book a tandem flight with a hang gliding pilot and give yourself something truly amazing to write home about.

Cloudland Canyon Overlook

Offering impressive views of the state park’s rugged canyons and dense woodland, Cloudland Canyon's relaxed Overlook Trail meanders along the rim of Cloudland Canyon for approximately half a mile. Be sure and hike down to the Main Overlook, arguably the best viewpoint in the park. At Overlook #2, turn around and retrace your steps for a one-mile round trip walk. 

Hood Overlook

Located in Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area, this panoramic vista remains a slightly ironic testament to its late namesake, Zilman Smith Hood, a Georgia business owner and preservationist who ran daily even after losing his eyesight in his 30s. The cliff grants visitors an expansive view of everything from the cities of LaFayette and Summerville below to Johns Mountain and Taylor Ridge in the distance. Its wide, open space has also made it a frequent launch point for hang glider pilots.