Pitch and Putt

There is a terrific opportunity on the left side of the practice range to add a delightful six hole “Pitch and Putt” course. With yardages ranging from 50 to 100 yards, only a couple of clubs and a putter may be necessary to enjoy this charming walk in the park.  This “grow the game” spot can be utilized by members and hotel guests alike. For many, the genesis of a quality golf experience can be formed in this area. The smallest juniors will find a course that is scaled for their size and strength.  Women will find a fun spot that can be enjoyed in less time than the big course. Families will find a cherished spot to share. Seniors will find a spot that rewards accuracy over power.  Many will see this as a place to enjoy a post round drink and good wager. Ultimately, these scenarios may apply to all players as this new little course becomes a can’t miss experience.