Hole 9 - Par 4

Black-415, Blue-396, White-369, Burgundy-356, Green-220, Gold-212

There is no question that when players walk onto the tees at McLemore, they experience numerous wow moments.  This par 4 is certainly one of them.  As mentioned on the 6th hole, creating more playable turf and connecting the left side between the 6th and 9th holes will make these two holes more palatable for the majority of golfers.  The three most forward tees will all expand, extending forward just enough to make a difference.  As the new fairway tongue is carried down and around the rock face on the left side, reaching safety across the canyon becomes a more achievable consideration.  The connection to the 6th hole only adds beauty and improved vistas. 

Numerous rock outcroppings are exposed on this hole, and, by adding a bunker cut into the front left corner of the green, a series of visual cross hazards, moving from right to left, occur.  The putting surface will slide back and to the left and angle slightly.  The elevation change between the front section and the back section will be reduced in order to offer a more complex group of hole locations.  To the right of the green, an ample and interesting chipping area will be shaped.