Hole 6 - Par 5

Black-552, Blue-535, White-510, Burgundy-485, Green-435, Gold-400

The par five 6th is, without question, the most infamous hole on the course.  Truly unforgettable, but not in a positive way, this hole can be greatly improved.  Both fairway bunkers will be removed and the fairway will widen well to the left, joining an expanded fairway on the ninth hole.  From the left side, much more of the lower portion of the golf hole is visible.  The raised containment at the end of the landing zone ends up restricting the view and will be significantly lowered.  An additional section of fairway will wrap around the rock face from the left side, allowing golfers to get closer to the edge.

By clearing the scrub along the left side to the higher tree line, the lower section of the fairway will widen substantially.  The left side slope will become a mix of boulders and bermudagrass turf widening the playable area and reducing the high count of lost golf balls.  The putting surface will slide back and left as it is elevated to improve visibility.  A new forward tee will help players get closer to the edge of the drop off.