Hole 4 - Par 4

Black-354, Blue-345, White-299, Burgundy-269, Green-224, Gold-145

The drama just keeps coming.  Playing blindly uphill over a massive rock outcropping, the feeling one gets looking up from the 4th tees can be less than comforting.  By bringing the fairway back toward the tees on the left side, players will have a better sense of the demands of this drive.  Furthermore, the left fairway bunker will be reshaped as a long, skinny catch bunker, keeping pulled balls in play.  In order to increase the playability of the landing zone as much as possible, the long grass area past the bunker on the left will be converted to maintained grass and the creek crossing will be partially piped.

The greens complex is positioned nicely on a rise, but can be greatly improved.  A pair of bunkers are poorly positioned in the safe bail out zone short and right of the green, so they will be eliminated.  A vast chipping area will be shaped in their place.  A new bunker will cut in well below the collar on the left side of the green, keeping balls out of trouble on the left.  The green will slide slightly back and left, and the wooded area left of the green will be under brushed.  The barely exposed rock scattered about the fairway will be capped and covered with grass.