Par 4 Canyon Hole

I • 449, II • 423, III • 410, IV • 376, V • 330, VI • 284

With hillsides in the distance and a pristine lake below, the 2nd hole is stunning and presents another beautiful view from elevated tees.  The fairway will be widened as much as possible and the lower right hillside will be converted to maintained turf.  Not everyone is capable of negotiating the long carry across the lake on their second shots.  In order to create a safe and reachable fairway area, the creek crossing will be piped and the bunkers dotting the second half of the hole will be eliminated.

At the greens complex, the putting surface does not quite fit with either the pond or the creek.  By shifting the putting surface back and slightly right, so that it hugs the edge of the creek, the water feature will be brought more into play.  The green will be recontoured in order to soften its excessive slope.  The front approach will be ample and not quite as sharp as it is now.  A small front right bunker will keep balls from bounding back into the hazard, and the back bunker will elongate and present a more fitting crest line.  Two new tees will be added to lengthen the hole for the longer hitters and to offer easier accessibility from the cart path.