Hole 18 - Par 4

Black-433, Blue-417, White-393, Burgundy-366, Green-334, Gold-304

In order to accommodate a spectacular clubhouse position, the 18th at McLemore will relocate to the edge of the eastern brow some 100’ feet below the current hole’s location.  The setting will be breathtaking and the golf exciting as players will feel like they are on the edge of the world.  Rock outcroppings will be exposed and mingle with the fairway area on the right side and a walk down the left edge of this hole will simply inspire.  The tees will start along the edge and angle to the right, elevating slightly as they move forward. 

At 40 yards wide, the fairway will be ample, however there is little room on the left side for a pulled drive.  A lone right bunker will provide a safe target, but will grab the overly cautious.  The green will push to the edge of the brow and a low bunker will catch and contain balls falling short and left.  An ample chipping area on the right side will be framed with a back bunker, again giving players a safe target line.  This memorable finishing hole will be enjoyed by all as golfers gather for a post round conversation looking out over the magnificent finish.