Hole 16 - Par 4

Black-466, Blue-442, White-413, Burgundy-373, Green-318, Gold-270

The longest par four on the course has an ample fairway, and poses a strong physical challenge for all golfers.  A pair of bunkers will stretch out along the sides of the fairway, with the right bunker helping to keep balls in play and the long left bunker serving as a distant target.  The creek crossing on this hole represents a fine example of the way rock and fescue areas can interact beautifully.  We will model more sections of the course after this spot. 

A lone greenside bunker will be cut into the slope on the right, settling well below the collar of the green.  The remaining chipping area in front and on the left side will be shaped to contain golf balls and offer excellent short shot recovery options.  The back bunker will be removed.  New tees will be added on both ends of the teeing ground, further modifying the course to accommodate a wide array of golfers.