Hole 13 - Par 3

Black-170, Blue-150, White-144, Burgundy-127, Green-121, Gold-100

With five par threes, McLemore has the opportunity to offer a wide array of shots and club selections on holes that visually entice and strategically inspire.  The 13th has just the perfect blend of length and drop for players to be successful.  With the road along the left side, efforts will be made to gather attention to what matters, the greens complex.  A thin, meandering bunker will snake along the back collar, gathering in pulled shots and keeping them in play.  The idea of stacking the existing pair of bunkers along the right side was a good one. However, the execution was poor, making the bunkers some of the worst for washing out on the course.  New collar blends and bunker crest lines will keep all water from impacting the sand on this hole and throughout the golf course. 

A new forward tee will be added and the entire surrounds of the green will be reshaped, enhancing the fairway/chipping area short and left of the green while creating numerous short game recovery options.