Hole 10 - Par 4

Black-354, Blue-328, White-324, Gold-293, Red-265, Green-230

Short par fours are often favorite holes because both power and finesse can compete together on the same stage.  Every player has a chance for success on this type of hole, yet oftentimes aggressive play can end with disappointment.  Lamentably, the downhill tenth offers very little visual excitement and then surprises many with a confounding natural grass hazard on the right side.  This hole will become all about position and angles, instead of lost balls barely driven off line.  By converting the left half of the natural grass area into a bunker field, a stunning visual buffer will guard the direct line to the center of the green, yet allow and even encourage aggressive drives. 

The fairway will widen well to the left, offering a safe zone for an angled pitch.  The left greenside bunker will be rotated and shaped so it is perpendicular to the centerline, opening up a sharp drop off along the left collar of the green.  One of the flatter greens on the course, the new tenth green will be small, and boast a dose of treachery.  The back bunker will be eliminated and converted into a low-cut chipping area that drops off sharply just beyond the back collar.