Covenants & Restrictions

The Covenants & Restrictions for the McLemore community are available here.

Community Rules & Regulations

The McLemore documents for Community Rules & Regulations are available here.

design Guidelines

The Design Guidelines for the McLemore community are available here.

Builder Qualifications

The Builder Qualifications for the McLemore community are available here.

For Sale Signage

Any member interested in selling their property by owner (“For Sale by Owner”) or have property represented by a real estate broker is required to use the For Sale Sign template accessible via the button below.


    • Sign dimensions are 12x15 inches.


    • Sign material is to be composite of aluminum material.

    • The sign is required to be attached by two screws to a 4x4 inch wooden post secured 12 inches beneath the ground with three feet exposed above ground.


    • The sign must be placed no closer than 20 feet from the edge of the road and no closer than 25 feet from side property lines.

    • No signage of any kind may face the golf course for any reason, unless authorized in writing by the Club.


    • McLemore logo, color and fonts are embedded in the template and required. The attached template is required for high-resolution production.

    • Sign colors are required to comply with the McLemore Brand Standards: McLemore Blue and white.


    • Sign production will be managed by Fast Signs of Chattanooga, Tennessee, which can be reached at (423) 499-2227.

Any For Sale sign that does not comply with this template will be removed immediately at the member’s expense.

An InDesign template is available upon request by contacting IV Whitman at