Area Highlights

For two years in a row, the readers of Outside Magazine voted Chattanooga and the area surrounding McLemore as the best town to live in the United States. Browse through some of the destinations and activities in the area to discover why so many people are falling in love with this unique place in the mountains.



“Rocktown is one of the best bouldering areas in the country.”

Rocktown is a bouldering paradise for climbers of all skill levels and is considered one of the best bouldering areas in the country. Made up of more than 500 pristine sandstone boulders on the Appalachian Plateau, this climbing destination is host to a variety of crimpers, slopers, huecos’s, rails and jugs spread out over an enormous expanse of secluded land.


Little River Canyon

“Little River Canyon is one of the deepest canyon systems east of the Mississippi River.”
National Park Service

The preserve sits at the southern edge of the Cumberland Plateau, a distinct physiographic region just to the west of the main Appalachian Mountain uplift. Composed of sandstone and other sedimentary rocks, this area has been eroded by water over millions of years to create a landscape of ridges, outcroppings, and gorges known as a 'dissected' plateau. Little River Canyon is one of the most spectacular landforms in the region, carved into the flat top of Lookout Mountain and reaches depths in excess of 600 feet in some sections. It is one of the deepest canyon systems east of the Mississippi River and the deepest in the state of Alabama.


Lookout Mountain Flight Park

“Lookout Mountain Flight Park and Resort is the largest and most successful hang gliding school and resort in the United States.”
Trip Advisor

Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding is one of the oldest and largest hang gliding schools and resorts in the United States. Since 1978 people have come from all over the world to fly Lookout Mountain. With training facilities unlike any other, Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding is perfect for bucket list thrill seekers or ambitious students who want to learn the sport of hang gliding. No experience is necessary to fly tandem 3000 feet over Lookout Mountain


McLemore Cove

“The largest historic district in Georgia in terms of acreage is McLemore Cove.”
Department of Natural Resources

McLemore Cove consists of the roughly triangular-shaped valley which resides between the ridge lines of Lookout Mountain on the west and Pigeon Mountain on the east. This composition of more than 50,000 acres creates the largest historic land district in the state of Georgia which includes 262 contributing buildings, 15 other contributing structures, 15 contributing sites, a contributing object, and 327 non-contributing buildings and structures.


Ellison’s Cave

“Deepest cave plunge in the continental U.S.”
Huffington Post

Ellison Cave is pit cave located under Pigeon Mountain in the Appalachian Plateaus and features several underground, vertical pitches including the deepest, unobstructed underground pit in the continental United States. This is 12th deepest cave system in the United States. The cave is over 12 miles long and extends more than 1,000 feet vertically


Botanical Diversity

“The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain in Walker County, Georgia is considered to be among the finest areas for wildflowers in Georgia.”
U.S. Wildflowers

The surrounding areas of McLemore are considered to be among the finest areas for botanical diversity in Georgia. Distinctive seasonal changes and dramatic topographical features add luster to the local scenery and help the region support a vast array of foliage, flora and wildflowers that flourish in every growing season.


The 18th Hole at McLemore

“The 18th at McLemore is going to be one of the most remarkable finishing holes in the Southeast.”
Rees Jones

The 18th hole at the Course at McLemore is one of the most dramatic and breathtaking finishing holes in all of golf. Perched along the bluff on Lookout Mountain, the 18th hole overlooks the historic McLemore Cove and its impressive surroundings.